Early Light (April 3)

Write before the dawn:

Slumber-lidded conversations under
Mist-dashed skies;

Bus-paused travelers align in
Momentary installations;

Come the day’s adrenaline revolt:
Life rushes in
Right before the dawn

If anyone actually ends up reading these, I should probably start adding some explanation. I write these, or parts of them, when I have a spare moment (I have to snatch moments when I find them, usually in early mornings or late nights).
What I post is never the first version. Each piece has gone through a series of changes. I add, delete, cut, rephrase, edit, rewrite, discover new ideas, listen to the words and think about what I’m saying. As for the lost words, some of them will never be recovered (they flitter through my mind and disappear), while others I keep in a book. Sometimes I will return to them later for inspiration.
But enough info for now!

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