Changing blog design

And now, a message from our sponsors. (If I had any, not that I’m looking.)

I’ve changed the design of this blog, mostly because the nature of this project has changed. When I started, my aim was to get through National Poetry Writing Month: by writing a poem a day, I wanted to dive deep into verse. Now that I’ve dived into its murky waters, I find I’m still writing regularly. (Not as often as I would like, but with a degree of consistency that I haven’t had for a while.)

My sense is that the quality of my writing is improving. Plucking metaphors and images from each day is easier. Life sings, aches with words.

Yet had you asked my young self about poetry, you would have heard something about rhythm, metre, line and rhyme (probably). Nor could I have hoped to write like this until the last few years, mainly thanks to encountering different attitudes to poetry and writing (thank you Dorothy Rowe Michaels, Tom Romano and many more). Now I write fearlessly: unlimited and unrestricted, free to stumble and succeed in equal measure. It’s the same type of confidence I hope to nurture in my students!

(So to return to the redesign: the new layout will hopefully make for more convenient reading. I will start tagging old poems and moving them around.)

Reflecting on what I’ve composed, there’s a lot that I’m actually quite pleased with, along with other poems that don’t “sing” to me. But to think that I’ve created 38 poems in the last seven weeks (give or take) feels remarkably satisfying.

Soon, too, I want to start returning to prose – it’s the type of writing I’m used to, the style that I’ve always tended to embrace. To that end, I might start posting the writing I do in class, those brief opportunities I have to write alongside my students. Slowly, slowly I hope I’m building writing communities. And I know there’s a poem in there somewhere!

Other goals:

  • Recruit a bigger audience…
  • Help promote the popularity of poetry (a big stretch, but I can start small)
  • Start some sort of poetry appreciation society (a smaller stretch? Perhaps I’ll post in a visible place tomorrow.)
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