Do you believe in happy endings? (October 30)

What is a happy ending?
Is it a minor consolation
We seize upon for a moment
That holds us
Tight in its grip
Secures our faith, our fate
And we clutch firmly
To that promise of
When everything will be

But we always forget
The after,

What follows

The end.

Because each ending begets
A new beginning,
And those endless
Curtain-dropping finales
May be deliciously false,
Still we savour their sweet fruit
Each ripening in its season
We wait, besotted,
Praying for the nectar and
Forget so often to
Linger in the present,
Our now:
We forget to live.

This is one of the quick-writes I did, with a little bit of editing, from class today. I’m always meaning to write alongside my kids more or, if I do, it’s often analytical. But I always find there’s something to do, something preventing me. But when it happens it’s such a joyous time: young minds connecting with thoughts, writing, writing, living ideas through words. We inhabit an endless stream of now. Or something like that, anyway, but my perception might be somewhat skewed…

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