Afternoon light, 2 o’clock

A sun-blessed street dance:
Whirling antics, figure eights.

Wafting years have fled, leaving
Recognition, nostalgia, dreams.

Glance youth’s free-lit days:
Laughter beats back night
Bears boundless hours where

We forgot tomorrow
Yearned tomorrow
Begged for more
Wished it would end.

Until crossing life’s meridian
We espy forgotten yesterdays.
Guests to life’s new continents:
Spin on, on, on.

Reasons for Writing

To drip waxen days into a mold and
Uphold rebellious tradition
Pluck rattling memories
Birth untold stories
Inhale wordless moments
Raise pen skyward
Mourn in song
Delight in life
Wander without aim
Err without care
Let ripen fruit
On twenty vines
Finding but one
Renders such sweet sense.