To Persistence (27 July 2015)

Each word read extinguishes hope of the next,
A library’s shelves running in reverse,
Possibilities slowly fleeing.

Footfalls in retreat from
Rattling thoughts
Tamed to silence.

We were so close to finding out when
Our words burned like days,
Recalling déjà vu.

Bred of countless imitations
We raised quotidian thoughts,
Unexpected rediscoveries.

Imitation upon imitation upon imitation.

Our flame, our wick. The infinite moon.
Fireflies become metaphor lost
Within a beat, a moment, withering words.

Wasting sleep we feed the nightly soil
Awaiting the arrival of morning buds
In unseen letters.

Tomorrow we will try again
To paint the world.


Triumph, or Decline and Fall (14 July)

Oh expeditioner!
Rugged once, now bare of
Musculature besides taut fingers
Pursuing strange mountaineering:
‘Cross bitter ranges
Silent plateaus
Crushing descents
Mapped minute, hour, day.
Time smooths and unveils
Your course untrodden.

Better: fantasise yourself sailor
Aboard creaky deck
Watching the water
Plunge and plunder your conquest,
Alive on fickle crests
Inhales your breaking heart
Within its swell.

Oh harsh mistress:
Unrequited love
Like lust
Slips through your palms
To crash your house of dreams.

And you, grasping your good book
Pray to discover fortune
Within the cavernous depths
Of this blinking map.