No haiku wisdom

The moment I dreamed
what stood before me easing
in the momentary light

some haiku wisdom
cutting away the branches,
a falling skyscape.

What hoax this,
what cheap transcendence
as if these became more than branches

thorn-encrusted and wound back,
relieved of their arthritic peel,
that hunch inscribing

an untrammeled march
upon us insatiably,
until it falls away.

Everything that rises

And here’s magic out of falling,
a punctuated sky
dripping blues
whose brain drops silence
into easing fields.
We should know
when we realise the hills
their lush and sweating rows
of miles
skimmed by sea-sweet memory.
Try to break bread
under the infinity of hope
and its rippling crust of neon
or feed the flock
with the rhythm of kindness.
Everywhere is devoured
and everything rises.
While the crew sings panic
into the engine
the shore startles
leaving the trick
to cauliflower outwards.

Passengers in the Frame

it works better with a story behind it,
even if we are just passengers slipping
astride the frame, peripheral while wanting
to nudge the plot and almost protagonise.
bystanders always knowing that your pose
can sway too much and jar the composition.
still, you could jemmy away like a thief
on the cusp of some short-lived coup, breaking
anything that affords a feature role.
instead you dabble as stowaway, smile
in another’s tale, mere passing description
like the dark brush shimmering or footfalls
half-fading into dark, a waiting lark.

Her mind wanders, distracted

Play on, you would,
if not for the feeling
someone else has been here already
or her already
with the momentum of the windborne
planned out, or not, uniting sight and line.

How: in a moment the hand flutters between
tenderness and treachery,
fingers deciding,
gentle leaves can soon retake the muscle memory
and shout like bellows,
palpitating organ song.

Rise and surrender
and play,
play on or pause,
or breathe and huff.

Other have chosen before, little gods
scratching for toys,
this one quivering silently on the glass:
winged and wingless, ruled from above.
You could be choosing freedom, as you play skin
against hard skin, hand to life,
gambling whether it will rise
or fall.