We admire (30 October)

We admire those we hold
Aloft, raise up to vaulted heavens
Then tear them down ruthlessly.

Why do we care about
Vapid celebrities gone
Wild and wrong
Or sportspeople whose misdeeds
We lambast, feigning horror,
We mock politicians then
We claim with resentment and
Bitter frustration
That their corruption and
Yellow filling
Makes them all
Just about the same.

Our hands go up
In defeat
We are so easily disappointed.

Easy to forget those who toil,
Parents, loved ones and
They who simply struggle against
Uninvited burdens
Outrunning their circumstances,
Because it’s easier to inhabit
The gossiped world
Than look back
Upon our own,
So we look longingly at
All the wrong faces.

The second poem I wrote, again with more editing. While I wouldn’t say this is my best writing, what strikes me is how much faster I’m able to write: not in pace, but in pulling together disparate images. I don’t know when it was that I started to notice the world more clearly through metaphor.