Rules for splitting syllables

I am always catching up with the past
but mostly its fears
nestling skull-deep and muscle-stitched,
restless hints behind the eye that twitched

and it has worked me over
like the tree whose yearly carapace
circumnavigates a sea of years
becoming more like itself, more the tears

a child feels, rushing anger at inconstant rules
for splitting syllables and making meaning
out of watching the earth rise up
severing, bisecting and dissolving love

having made pacts with myself
I have been constant
in breaking them

the way I tie shoelaces and tomorrow,
or move my brow from mystery to sorrow
I stay in motion
hoping to fling myself free

these yesterday syllables binding me

The Thermodynamics of Verse

Laser eyes, they report, and iron jaw,
Send them into a quivering silence
Propelled from his heated glare like
That silver line expanding in escape.

Tampered words disclosed unknowing
Show her voice doctored by a prescription
Boiling down the quicksilver of her song,
Displacing it with a shock of lead.

I see both ways, good and bad, as do they
Where they run from both like mercury
Fearful of the wrong dangers
Unaware that hot air always rises.