Fragments of Spring

O spring
smooth your dreams,
speak not of never or perhaps
just watch the trees
as wind waxes,
symphony cools rain to rust
beneath summer feet.
(10 September 2015)


Origami Days

Oh to talk of fingers in motion:
That this might be how galaxies are
Angled into place with such focus as
A simple pattern might ignite
New universes with helices
Contorted fold by fold
Until appear a magnitude of stars
All bent from her patient hands and
Offered up for dreams.
– 30 August 2015


I see their downed faces
Drowned faces
Swimming in this tranquil sea.

The greatest invention?

Thin walls offer an
Illusion of closeness
Defeated by a certain head-tilt
A touch,
Memory of distance.

Bathers squeeze tender thoughts,
Wells of love and hate,
Each stroke breaking against
Irresistible sand-light.

(16 April 2015)

Unstill Life – Rewrite (22 July)

Where do they keep letters lost,
words and thoughts so quickly
abandoned to unseen mists?

I peer out at the horizon
as stars rise and fall,
forever seeking
through all the yesternights and days,
ten thousand faded Polaroids
that glimmer and fade at once.

And in this ebbing darkness
the mind shows its cracks and tribunes
as life leeches out, through
this labyrinth of history.

Try to keep it steady but one river
leads on or cuts through the next
like a tidal wave of unstill life
your mind will never tame.