A Formula for Living (8 December)

How to recapture the design for youth’s
Inquisitive eye creeping into small gaps,
Crooked places holding life’s careful mysteries,
Whose constant fiddling and axis-tilting dims
To bleak acceptance of this invariant now?

How blood stirs when unsudden life is jostled
Awake by a single and unexpected discordant
Bang that grips your shoulders like a madman
Concussing the unchanging present with a
Mighty blow, this ever-waking unstill now.

We marvel at a single distraction that blossoms
Into an accumulation of these neglected wonders
Respiring beside the constancy of all the
Sweating days and nights where our stumbling,
Sealed lives are ripped apart by

A hidden cat who startles us, and it, correcting
Gilded eyes in shock while overhead arachnids
Perform high-wire maintenance, bending girders
Against the foaming winds, their labor
Unmoved by this, our blissful gaze.

Be still
For these brief seconds:
Only look,
Let time wait.