A sudden composition

To this unanticipated orchestra
Add a bee’s vibrating G
Violinist invading first chair
Wings blurring like a bow
Tracing one string’s path.
Comes wind to lead these cups
In resonating tap-a-tap in E
Grazing saucers, spilling notes.
Then percussion-mad an engine
Fires its tune ending
And our tree conductor
Leaves in silence.

(February 1, 2015)

Rehearsal (19 October)

Linger on sidewalks whose
shadowed walls
day-drawn blinds
conceal mechanical monsters
their false starts and stops
leach out
tick-tock whirring of the
slow, twisting, turning,
winding of gears stretching
hidden strings

now so tightly aligned,
deposited polished and gleaming
in the upright position
we imagine arms
poised Mummy-like
when the owner removes
their grip to let this
perfect contraption
recall its
tortured sequence