A thousand dreams of blue

In a thousand dreams of blue,
over and over,
strummed by sandwiched sea and sky,
gull-clear and even-tempered
valves of light announce a melody.
Everything under-wing, this worship
of waves, whose art
is never letting go.
And somewhere, sometime
astir between despair and hope
plucks out the firmament
into a dazzling array
away from its short monochrome,
you announce yourself
the very definition of azure.

To the Sea

We are libertines
let loose to scamper
over rising dunes
past beguiling horizons.

Fleeing we starve for breath
seizing loose air
we sing, we play, we sigh.

Misting heavens scoop
at stalling gulls
between rise and descent
a levitating carousel.

Air will not hold them
nor this sand us:
we long to return

(13 April 2015 – a combination of smaller sketches, recomposed, that I did as part of a workshop today.)